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Personalise your marketing, engage better and sell more
Accelerate Sales

Send marketing messages that are personalised to customers.

Increase click through rates, sales and revenue.​

Customer Focused

Excite customers by offering marketing messages that resonate with them because of the context

(category, location and time).

Increase Footfall

Impress your customers by sending messages when the time and place is right. Now you can increase interest, relevance and visitors.

Leverage Smart Geofences
Engage through Categories 

Add your business to a category. Messages will be sent to customers who have selected your category.  

Customers that receive messages from the categories they have chosen are more likely to pay attention.

This increases engagement, resulting in higher sales. 

Automate Good Timing
Leverage Smart Geofences

Hyper alert location intelligence empowered through MARQA's Smart Geofences means messages are sent when customers enter these locations. Smart Geofences work like a virtual billboard that is present across a whole area.

Make it easy for customers to visit you. Send them a message when they are near your shop.


This will increase visits and revenue.  

Personalise using Categories
Automate Good Timing

Send messages to customers when the timing is right. For example, if you have a breakfast special, send it around breakfast time. Good Timing is more relevant to customers.

More relevant messages have better engagement, and increases click through rates, footfall and revenue. 


What People are Saying

“At last there is an application that allows me to personalise my campaigns.


“I love the fact I can combine mobile messaging with deal notifications and personalise it.”


with customers improves with this tech. Personalisation is

the key.”


Make Marketing Work for You With Marqa's Simple to Use Marketing Tools!

Smiling Person Typing On Laptop

Finally, a marketing tool designed for the way you need to engage​

Enjoy unlimited campaigns, notifications, clicks and no time limit.

Note: the campaign management application is best used on a desktop computer.

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